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The Board of Directors of GEM College is pleased to announce it has been re-registered for 7 years. John Outhred, Chairman of the Board expressed his thanks to the Quality Control Unit Manager, Stephen Short, Online Campus Managers Kirstie Wyatt and Elizabeth Bradbury-Calvert, Digital Strategy Officer, Dirk Short, and Digital Marketing Officer, Giftson Selladurai, campus Managers, Administration and all trainers and assessors. In particular, on behalf of the Board and all shareholders he expresses gratitude to Corporate Leader, Luceille Outhred for her continued innovative approach to education.


Alternative Pathway to University Courses

Facilitate and reinforce study pathways between vocational and higher education for students
In July, 2011, Universities in South Australia executed a 5 Year Memorandum of Understanding regarding recognition of Vocational Education and Training students to “facilitate and reinforce study pathways between vocational and higher education for students” and provide opportunities for recognition of their RTO studies, and in many cases obtain guaranteed entry into university.This has now become standard practice in many universities around Australia.

Most Universities around Australia have now recognised the Vocational Education and Training sector as providing a very sound foundation for University studies. Competence is comprised of knowledge skills and attitude, and competency based training that is nationally recognised, and gains credit status to approved qualifications, ensures competence is not simply “head knowledge” but, is practical, applicable and relevant to a range of situations, including the workplace and higher learning.

GEM counsels all incoming students with regard to qualifications being undertaken,to ensure that you enrol in the most appropriate qualification for you.This increases the likelihood of guaranteed entry to specific higher learning programs. GEM will liaise directly with the Universities on behalf of any GEM graduate seeking entry to an appropriate qualification level.

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