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The Board of Directors of GEM College is pleased to announce it has been re-registered for 7 years. John Outhred, Chairman of the Board expressed his thanks to the Quality Control Unit Manager, Stephen Short, Online Campus Managers Kirstie Wyatt and Elizabeth Bradbury-Calvert, Digital Strategy Officer, Dirk Short, and Digital Marketing Officer, Giftson Selladurai, campus Managers, Administration and all trainers and assessors. In particular, on behalf of the Board and all shareholders he expresses gratitude to Corporate Leader, Luceille Outhred for her continued innovative approach to education.


GEM College Course Info

GEM College of International Business is becoming a national and international education and training brand, delivering across all major Vocational Education and Training domains, on shore, off-shore, face-to-face and e-learning. Please choose a course type to continue:


Certificate III to Graduate Diploma Programs.
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Competency Based Training

Competency Based Training (CBT) enables individuals to gain recognition of competence, and credit status, for skills gained outside formal education channels.
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Specialty Short Courses

GEM provides a wide range of short courses that cater for a variety of industry and community needs.
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Study Schedule

Training to industry on a Unit by Unit basis as well as delivering full certificate training programs.
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Open Cut Learning

GEM Open Cut Learning enables access to over 750 self paced, short courses.
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Migration Agents

GEM has a number of Migration Agents that it works with in different regions around the world.
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