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The Board of Directors of GEM College is pleased to announce it has been re-registered for 7 years. John Outhred, Chairman of the Board expressed his thanks to the Quality Control Unit Manager, Stephen Short, Online Campus Managers Kirstie Wyatt and Elizabeth Bradbury-Calvert, Digital Strategy Officer, Dirk Short, and Digital Marketing Officer, Giftson Selladurai, campus Managers, Administration and all trainers and assessors. In particular, on behalf of the Board and all shareholders he expresses gratitude to Corporate Leader, Luceille Outhred for her continued innovative approach to education.


International Students

GEM College is not CRICOS Registered and not able to deliver training and assessment services to International Students living in Australia on a student visa.

Considerable savings can be made by undertaking qualifications offshore, and then applying to an Australian University for your higher learning qualifications. Depending on the degree you are applying to undertaken, most Australian universities will provide a year’s credit status for students who have been awarded a Diploma of Advanced Diploma .

GEM College of International Business is registration allows us to offer training to individual students, industry groups, employers and commercial providers Offshore.

Individuals seeking to undertake training offshore, are most likely to be served by the GEM Online Campus, but may be able to attend face to face training at one of the licensed GEM College of International Business

Studying through GEM in your own country

GEM offers students access to programs “in-country”.  You can enrol in a GEM program in your own country.

Courses range from Certificate III – Graduate Diploma programs.

Courses delivered by:-

  • Face to face Intensives
  • e-learning
  • Distance Education
  • A hybrid of the above

Students who have gained success in Advanced Diploma course and who have industry experience may enrol in a Graduate Certificate and/or Graduate Diploma Courses.

Successful graduates at Certificate IV level or above, from offshore GEM programs, may be offered enrolment in Australia for Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualifications, provided all Student Migration and CRICOS pre-requisites have been met. Similarly, students who have gained success in Advanced Diploma course and who have industry experience my be enrolled in Graduate Certificate and/or Graduate Diploma Courses.

Whatever your goal, we want to help you reach it.

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