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The Board of Directors of GEM College is pleased to announce it has been re-registered for 7 years. John Outhred, Chairman of the Board expressed his thanks to the Quality Control Unit Manager, Stephen Short, Online Campus Managers Kirstie Wyatt and Elizabeth Bradbury-Calvert, Digital Strategy Officer, Dirk Short, and Digital Marketing Officer, Giftson Selladurai, campus Managers, Administration and all trainers and assessors. In particular, on behalf of the Board and all shareholders he expresses gratitude to Corporate Leader, Luceille Outhred for her continued innovative approach to education.

Return to Study Adult Learner

Return to Study Adult Learner

The old saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” may be true … but you are not an animal!

You’re a human being with untapped potential.  You’re a GEM!  So, set your mind to it, and become a life long learner!  It’s fun!

GEM has a range of programs to help you to find that new direction you’re looking for. Browse through the brochures, and see what piques your interest!

And, if you don’t know where to begin, maybe it’s time to U-GEM™.

Feeling restless? Want to do something, but you’re not sure what?

It’s NOT a mid life crisis, it’s your unfulfilled self wanting to have another go at life.

  • Maybe you’ve been that square peg in the round hole for too long.
  • Maybe you’ve achieved all you can at work, but have hit a ceiling.
  • Maybe you just like a challenge – but don’t really know what you want to be “when you grow up”

At GEM we want to help make this easier with U-GEM™.

U-GEM™ is a personalised web portal that is your one-stop-shop to discovering more about yourself, helping you to formulate your ideas about careers and study options and how they fit together with the unique combination of talents, gifts, abilities, interests, work background, personality that is YOU.

  • U-GEM™ will not only help you plan your next step, but will assist you in your decision making. It will also help informed you as you select your pathway to a future university and/or working life. Create your own U-GEM™ profile today.

If You Would Like to Know More, Enquire Here.